Ells son la clau de l'èxit del mètode

Recepció academia Easytalk Mirasol

Yun Young


La Yun es la cara visible de l'escola. Ella us informa de tots els detalls de l'academia. Us ajuda amb els horaris dels cursos, la matriculació, l'assistència i gestiona el vostre expedient acadèmic

English teacher in Sant Cugat Mirasol


Kids & teens teacher

I’m a determined second grade Psychology student. I love traveling the world, which is why I’ve studied multiple languages such as english, french and german. My passions are, among others, reading, writing and spending time in nature. I believe in the power of teamwork, leadership and creativity, and I’m always open to improve myself.

Teacher 2


Kids and adults' teacher

I studied English philology. I'm passionate about teaching kids. I learn a lot from them. I love to learn new things, watch movies, and listen to music. I like also spending time with my family.


Adults teacher

I'm from the UK. and I specialised in Literacy and ESOL (English to Speakers of Other Languages). I really enjoy facilitating learning and finding creative ways to engage students in their learning process.

director EasyTalk

Joan Josep Ozcariz


A més d'anglès parla francés. S'encarrega del disseny i de la comunicació corporativa: gestiona la web, les xarxes socials i la publicitat. També supervisa els continguts, la coordinació acadèmica i la selecció del professorat.

Professor d'anglès a Sant Cugat | profesor de inglés en sant cugat-mirasol


Adults and teens' teacher

I am a phycology faculty teacher and also an English teacher. I am curious and creative, go deep into music as a singer, multi-instrumentalist and song writer and also into literature as the author of various novels and poetry books. Sport lover and of course, keen on languages



Kids and teens' teacher

I'm a teacher who encourages students to think critically and creatively. I have studied Art and English to combine them in my classes to make sure everyone has fun!


Kids and adults' teacher

I'm a studying the degree on Primary Education, specializing in Physical Education. I love teaching kids and being able to learn from them. Some of my passions are swimming, music and travelling.

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