Empowering Teachers with Multiple Intelligences

Enhancing English teaching skills with Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence Methodology

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What we offer

We empower teachers to enhance their English teaching skills using the multiple intelligence methodology from Howard Gardner. Located in Sant Cugat, Brcelona, we provide training to improve capacities and deliver effective language education.

Our Courses

Comprehensive English teaching programs

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Our Teacher Training Program focuses on improving your English teaching abilities using Gardner's multiple intelligence methodology. Join us to develop a deeper understanding of the different intelligences and enhance your teaching techniques.


Participate in our Interactive week-end Workshops to discover new ways to make English learning fun and effective. Learn how to incorporate interactive activities that cater to various intelligences, making your classroom engaging and inclusive.

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Experience customized guidance with our Personalized Coaching Sessions to refine your teaching style and approach. Get personalized feedback and support to improve your English teaching methods and empower your students.


After you have a good understanding on how to apply the different intelligences in your teaching it is time to apply them in all the learning process. That includes Curriculum Development, class-room decoration, evaluation and assessment

What Intelligences?

1. Linguistic learner

– “I love reading stories and talking about them in class. It helps me learn new words!” – “Writing my own short stories is so much fun. I can practice my English and be creative.”

2. Logical-Mathematical

– “I like solving puzzles and playing word games. It makes learning English like a challenge.” – “When we use numbers and patterns to learn, it makes more sense to me.”

3. Visual-Spatial

– “Watching videos and looking at pictures helps me remember words better.” – “Drawing and using colors in my homework makes learning English exciting.”

4. Musical-Rhythmic

– “Singing songs and clapping to the rhythm helps me learn new phrases.” – “Listening to music in English makes it easier to understand how words should sound.”

Bodily - Kinesthetic

– “I learn best when we play games and act out scenes. Moving around helps me remember.” – “Using my hands to create things in class helps me learn new words and their meanings.”

6. Interpersonal Learner

– “Working in groups and talking with my classmates helps me practice speaking English.” – “I like sharing ideas and learning from others in class discussions. I develop social skills.”

7. Intrapersonal Learner

– “I enjoy thinking about what I learn and how I can use English in my personal and professional life.” – “Writing in my journal helps me understand my progress and set new goals.”

8. Naturalistic Learner

– “Studying and watching elements from nature arises my interest and attention, That invites me to learn new vocabulary and grammar. This topic really inspires me”

Teacher's Testimonials

Before taking the Multiple Intelligences course, I struggled to keep all my students engaged, especially those who didn’t fit the traditional learning mold. This course has provided me with practical strategies to recognize and nurture each student's unique strengths. Now, my classroom is a vibrant place where students are excited to learn. I’ve seen a significant improvement in student participation and motivation. Juan used to find English boring, now tackles puzzles and problem-solving activities with enthusiasm.
Mery’s artwork and visual projects have brought a new dimension to her learning, and Marti’s musical activities have made vocabulary memorization a joyful experience. This approach has not only enhanced my teaching but also made learning more effective for my students. I can confidently say that the Multiple Intelligences methodology has transformed my classroom into a dynamic and inclusive learning environment."
Maria Gonzalez
"Implementing the Multiple Intelligences approach in my ESL classes has been incredibly rewarding. The course equipped me with a deep understanding of how different students learn and provided a wealth of resources to cater to those differences. One of the biggest changes I noticed was in Sarah, who previously struggled with traditional teaching methods. After incorporating story-based activities and writing exercises tailored to her linguistic strengths, her confidence soared. She now leads book discussions and writes compelling stories with ease. The impact on our classroom culture has been profound. Students are more collaborative, and the learning environment is more inclusive. I highly recommend this course to any educator looking to create a more engaging and effective learning experience for their students."
Amy Smith
As a teacher, I was always looking for ways to make my ESL lessons more engaging and effective. The Multiple Intelligences course provided me with innovative tools and insights that have revolutionized my teaching approach. The practical techniques for integrating different intelligences into daily lessons have been invaluable. I’ve seen remarkable progress in my students. For example, Toni, who struggled with traditional reading tasks, now excels in activities that combine music and movement. His participation has increased dramatically, and he is more confident in his English skills. Moreover, the course’s emphasis on differentiated instruction has allowed me to meet each student’s needs more effectively. It’s not just about teaching English; it’s about fostering a love for learning and helping every child reach their full potential. This course has been a transformative experience for both me and my students.
Chamiln Cheny

Ready to revolutionize your classes?

Imagine your students thriving as they engage with your innovative teaching techniques. Our course will provide you with the tools and knowledge to make learning English a dynamic and enjoyable experience for all types of students.

Introducing our cutting-edge online course designed to empower English teachers like you. Learn how to teach English as a second language using Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences, a proven approach that caters to every learner’s unique strengths.

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